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Even back then ’Winnes‘ fleet was quite a sight to see. With little money, but plenty of spunk he repaired every motorcycle model around, whether BMW, DKW, Kreidler, NSU Quickly, ... In 1963, after a few unplanned days in the stockade, Winfried R. reluctantly and with a little nudge from the military police re- ported for duty to meet the 18-month mandatory military service requirement with the Mountain-Medic-Battalion in Kempten. Once military service was over in 1964 Winfried R. first order of business was to make sure his young family was well provided for so he set up a workshop in his parent’s basement in Durach. It was here he started dealing with motorcycle spare parts and doing motorcycle modifications, mainly BMW It was during this phase that he met his later business partner, Josef Schilling from Haldenwang. On May 18, 1963 Winfried married his Emilie (Emma), nee Mayr. Their daughter Christine was born on October 3, 1963. ... the wild 60‘s ... 07 Winfried Rauch - Company Founder To make up for the short, unpleasant stay in the stockade and in recognition of his talents, Winfried R. was given a job in the clerical office. Painsta- kingly exact, he carried out his duties. In the heat of the moment mistakes can be made when filling out vacation requests, sometimes his very own. That at times these clerical errors worked in his favor was just pure chance! ….and in the end, military service wasn’t so bad after all. When all was said and done and military service completed, he had an extra 10 kilograms to show for it.