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Winfried Rauch was born on June 2nd, 1942 in Nesselwang / Allgäu region, between Kempten and Füssen. He spent his childhood in Durach, a small villa- ge which lies just southeast of Kempten – and is located close to a small airport. This only served to fortify his later love of flying. Winfried Rauch attended the elementary school in Durach from September 1948 to 1953. From there he moved on to the city junior high school for boys in Kempten from September 1953 to August 1956. Winfried R.’s enthusiasm for motorized two- wheelers of all kinds took root at a very early age and he already piloted a 500 BMW motorcycle to school at the age of 16. Winfried Rauch - Company Founder Fascinated by tinkering around with technolo- gy, Winfried Rauch- company founder- chose “mechanical engineer“ as his career path after completing secondary school. In September 1956 Winfried began a three-year apprentice program to become a mechanical engineer in the Kempten Machinery Factory (KMF) – a supplier e.g. for FENDT tractors in Marktoberdorf. His appren- ticeship was followed by several years as a me- chanical engineer journeyman in the research and development department at the Dixie Union / CFS packaging company in Kempten/Sankt Mang. Class photo – Elementary school Durach Winfried Rauch – second from left in the second-to-last row Gentlemen, start your engines ... 1962 Winfried R.’s first Porsche (after a rather hard landing in the ditch) 06 Winfried R. on his moped with side car