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73 Thank you ... Looking back on 40 years of MAHA company history, in the name of myself and my family I would like to graciously thank all those who have positively and actively participated in MAHA‘s development the last forty years. First and foremost I would like to extend my thanks to all my employees and their families, our representatives and dealers throughout the world, for their tireless dedication in promoting and implementing of our company ideals of quality, reliability and innovation. My appreciation and thanks also goes out to the thousands of customers in Germany and abroad who have put their trust in us and helped to make MAHA what it is today-a successful “global player“ with over 1000 employees offering testing technology from Haldenwang. The MAHA journey from a two-man operation to a successful global player was often a winding, rocky road resembling a roller coaster ride. We celebrated wonderful successes only to be fol- lowed by a trail of tears. It was not always easy and we experienced painful, turbulent periods. But the one thing I could always count on was my ‚MAHA‘ team and together we mastered the difficult times. It goes without saying that my thanks also inclu- des all those who could not be explicitly named or shown in the shortened version of our company chronicle. Company founder and owner Winfried Rauch, Bearer of the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon I extend my sincerest thanks to my friends, busi- ness partners and political friends in and around Haldenwang. We have made a difference and had a good time doing it. And finally the warmest thanks goes to my dear Emma who has stood my side with words and deeds for over 46 years. Thank you! Winfried Rauch March 2009 Closing word 2009 +