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2009 71 As a “Global Player“ in many world markets MAHA has achieved an internationally renowned and recognized image in the last 40 years. MAHA is market leader in the field of brake testing systems and function- and performance dynamometers. Our products stand for innovation and quality. Year for year the MAHA product scope is expan- ding- in order to offer our customers a compre- hensive range of products in the field of vehicle safety testing technology, performance and emis- sion measurement technology as well as lifting technology. We are well on the way to becoming a complete outfitter. We will expand our product scope on our journey to be called a system supplier offering our custo- mers ”one-stop shopping.“ Our product focus is concentrated on our core compentency– without losing track of new developments and trends. Thanks to strategic cooperations and alliances we develop and produce like-kind products together with other specialists. In this way we make the best use of their know-how and core competen- cies to create the perfect synergy to benefit our customers and the demands they place on us. We will continue to expand our international presence to accompany our major customers as partner in sales and service on their quest to be- come global players. At the same time we will not neglect the need to have local production facilities to offer on-the-spot services. It is our wish to intensify our contacts with inter- national vehicle manufacturers, governments and testing organizations and to further cement our role as system supplier. And we will focus even more intently on the area of service supplier. Our service strength is known and appreciated worldwide. The constantly expanding service lea- dership role that is a MAHA principle means that our customers can always reach us - no matter where they might be in this world. The Haldenwang headquarters will continue to see long-term investments so that our ambitious goals can be met consistently and with innovati- on. We are ready to attack the future with a team of highly motivated and committed employees with just the right portion of passion to get the job done. Future Prospects and Visions