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2008 MAHA South Africa delivered and installed 40 inground lifts for Porsche, Johannesburg. The photo below shows how impressive a large number of the same lifts can look in action, The open space around the lift installations is typical for the use of inground lifts. A South African Success Story - Intense Interest in MAHA Products in South Africa Environmental Award “Green Directory“ for the newly developed particle measurement device MPM4 from MAHA MAHA Ireland Ltd. Celebrates its 10-year Anniversary Slift Lifting Technology was integrated into the Haldenwang facility at the end of 2008 Long-term optimization by production centraliza- tion of inground lifting technology at the Halden- wang production facility. The entire field of Slift inground lifting technology in Tiefenbronn (near Pforzheim) is dissolved and transferred to Haldenwang. Most of these 40 lifts are installed at the main workshop facility in Johannesburg. Others are located in the area of body shop, reception inspec- tion, customer service, training area and vehicle cleaning area. 65 Winfried R. honors John Mallon, Managing Director of MAHA Ireland Ltd. in Dublin since 1998, for the successful cooperation during the last 10 years.