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2008 MAHA-AIP Expands its Product Range into the field of Emission Measurement Technology with the development of the Particle Counter Device SPC 8000 After intensive research and trial testing MAHA- AIP has added a new product field, the Emission Measurement Technology for the Vehicle Industry. The specialized audience was introduced to MAHAAIP‘s first very own development in the field of emission measurement technology in May 2008 during the Trade Fair Testing Expo in Stuttgart. The convincing innovative technology and the compact system design thrilled the users and was honored with a major order in September 2008 by a renowned German automobile manufacturer. Additional systems for emission measurement technology (CVS, PMC, etc.) for the automotive industry are in the development phase at MAHA- AIP. MAHA China MAHA founds it own trading company in May 2008 in China, headquartered in Beijing. SPC 8000 Solid Particle Counter to measure the concentration of fixed emission particles in combustion motors. Training center for automobile mechanics in Beijing with MAHA testing and lifting technology MAHA China Team upper – from left: Guan Xiaoping, Klaus Burger, Betty Lu, Manfred Dittrich, Chunlin Xiu (Chief Representative MAHA China), Bernhard Gött, Tan Bee Heng (MAHA Singapore) lower – from left: Jason Zhou, Wulf Chen, Garry Li, Bihong Xiao 64