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2008 New and Ongoing Development from MAHA, presented at the International Crafts Fair in Munich (IHM) Spring of 2008 Diesel Particle Measurement Device MPM 4 Other Innovations in 2008 from MAHA MAHA Roller Brake Tester MBT2100 The market introduction of the MBT2100 roller brake tester is in preparation. The new development is designed for brake testing on cars and vans with a maximum axle load of 3t and 5t. Plate Brake Tester MPP as 2-Plate Version Supplied in the MPP 2140 variation - test plate length 915 mm and MPP 2240 – test plate length is 1850 mm. Four-Column Lift CARLIFT II The steel version lift is available in 3.5t, 4t and 5t load capacity. Air Conditioning Service Equipment MAC2000 This system will replace the previous model RS 2. Mobile Column Lift RGA for Trucks and Buses The battery operated version enables a high degree of flexi- bility. The syn- chronization of the lifting columns is done cable-free via radio. 63 Preliminary version of the MPM 4 for use in the workshop area. A short time later the portable diesel particle counter is deliverable in a modern design.