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We congratulate ... 2007 The celebration’s music presentation was fun and varied. In addition to ‘Emma’s Happy Musicians’ with Emma as conductor and a MAHA emplo- yee choir, a music band kept the guests hopping into the wee hours of the morning with a 40-year revue of musical hits. Creative entertainment presented by MAHA em- ployees and external artists sweetened the breaks between the commemorative speeches. Rauch 65 Live your Dream‘ ‚oh what a night‘ ... Winfried Rauch was presented with a biographi- cal company chronicle - Rauch 65 - ’Live your Dreams‘ by Manfred Dittrich, head of sales and marketing for MAHA-AIP. And appropriately packaged in a 40-year old ’Ferrari Pedal Car‘. 65 RAUCH v v 62