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50,000th MAHA Brake Tester since 1968 On November 20, 2007 at 12:25 Central European Time the 50,000th MAHA-Brake Tester was produced At 12:25 Central European Time the digital dis- play at the MAHA showroom in the main admi- nistrative building showed the magic brake tester number: 50,000 (13,157 truck testers and 36,843 car brake testers). The pride could be seen on the faces of the brake tester team. Who would have ever thought that this kind of success could be maintained throughout such a long period of time! 2007 Within the last four years almost exactly to the day, the number of MAHA brake testers produced since 1968 was increased by 20,000 units from the 30,000 which was the benchmark in Novem- ber 2004. The reliable measurement accuracy and the high-quality design has become an invaluable standard in the world of vehicle testing technolo- gy. With the development and production of the MAHA brake tester Winfried Rauch helped make history in the story of vehicle testing technology. On November 20, 2007 the brake tester depart- ment had every reason to celebrate. Brake tester #1 - 1968 57