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2007 Full order books in all company divisions and the goal of ongoing medium-term growth are two rea- sons that additional production and administrative building construction is planned. Spatenstich für die Erweiterung der MAHA mit einem neuen Entwick- lungs- und Fertigungszentrum MAHAAIP am Standort Haldenwang In 2007 MAHA Continues to Invest in the Future of the Haldenwang Location The MAHA serial production expansion is just one division which has enjoyed above average growth. In the last seven years the MAHAAIP division has grown enormously and with it the need to expand capacities. A two-phase expansion plan has been initiated with the construction of a 5.000 m² pro- duction hall north east of the MAHA company headquarters. The loyalty to the Haldenwang loca- tion and entailing new investments of the region’s largest business tax payer can be seen as another positive development for the Haldenwang commu- nity and its 40 year relationship with MAHA. On November 12, 2007 the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new MAHA-AIP Development and Production building The total area in Phase I is: Assembly area: 2.500 m² Warehouse: 400 m² Electro-assembly: ca. 400 m² Test room: ca. 250 m² and social areas/ offices: ca. 1.000 m² Investment: ca. 5 million EUR In Phase II (planned for the coming 5 years) an office building with 1,000 m² is planned. Layout of MAHA Haldenwang. Upper left display of the planned MAHAAIP expansion Phase I and II incl. new street route via Überbach. MAHA AIP Phase I MAHA Bestand MAHA Neubau Phase II 55