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Delivery of the first MAHA Workshop Technology 4-wheel drive Performance Dynamometer with Single Roller - MAHA MSR 1000 2007 In March 2007 MAHA and its subsidiary MAHAAIP open a sales and service sup- port location in Shanghai. 53 Right-hand building: Establishment of MAHA China office in Shanghai / Pudong, not far from the train station for the magnetic monorail. MAHA has also had an office in Peking since 2001. The first two MSR 1000 4-wheel drive dyno’s were delivered to the ABT Sports- line company in Kempten and to Ruf Porsche for a special project in Bahrain (United Arab Emirates). 48“ Emission Dynamometer from MAHA-AIP at a Chinese vehicle ma- nufacturer. Within a very few years MAHAAIP was able to win over and secure important market shares on the Chinese market.