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2006 - 2007 At its location in Tiefenbronn (Slift) the MAHA company division myLift developed and produced custom-made lift system for various applications in 2006 n Lifts for forklifts n Column lifting plates n Traffic aid system with integrated lifting technology n Lift technology in the area of logistic myLift GmbH Special solutions for Lifting Technology After 30 years of endless discussion rounds, changes, acceptance, rejection, ever changing go- vernments (in both countries), Turkey finally awar- ded MAHA the largest order in its history encom- passing countrywide outfitting of vehicle testing stations similar to the German TÜV / DEKRA. TÜVTURK has set up a network of almost 200 nationwide service centers equipped with MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment. The first Turkish vehicle received the official test seal in the fourth quarter of 2007. TÜVTURK was now ready to take off. In 2007 two service centers were running as test operations. By the end of 2008, TÜVTURK has planned 189 test sta- tions and about 470 test lanes with state-of-the-art MAHA technology. Sparsely populated areas are covered by an additional 38 mobile units. August 2007 - MAHA makes use of the poten- tial that new markets offer and receives the biggest order in its history. TÜVTURK chooses “high-tech“ and quality from Haldenwang Winfried Rauch’s personal involvment is rewarded! 1st official commercial airline flight from the regional airport in Memmingen! Winfried Rauch was an active supporter of the drive to allow commercial airline use of the Mem- mingerberg military facility. And with success! The first regular commercial flight took off at the end of June 2007 in the direction of Berlin. Twice a day- back and forth. 51 MAHA founder and owner Winfried Rauch at contract signing with the director of TÜVTURK AG, Dr. Thomas Aubel