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2005 - 2006 MAHAAIP becomes independent ... On December 1, 2005 the profit center MAHAAIP was spun off and became an independent company, MAHAAIP GmbH & Co. KG (Automotive Industry Products). The autonomy of MAHA-AIP’s business division creates the necessary transparency for additional growth. The original 2-man profit center has been molded into an immensely important MAHA company division in the last 8 years. In contrast to MAHA serial production -> standard production for workshops and service centers, AIP is primari- ly involved with special application test stands for 48“ 4WD dynamometer for performance testing “MIM - Motor in the Middle principle“, 315 kW nominial power, roller dia. 48“ (1.2 m) , over- load ca. 470 kW per axle Managing Director Herbert Handke leaves the company in 2005 to pursue other activities. development departments and quality control for vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers- world- wide. Approximately 110 MAHA-AIP employees at the Haldenwang location are responsible for 25 mio. Euro sales. The managing directors are Anton Knestel and Christian Hartmann. Together with TachoControl DATA, MAHA offers a comprehensive solution for secure administration and evaluation of digital tachograph data. To celebrate 20 years together the MAHA music group travels to Ziegenrück in Thuringia for their traditional excursion. ‘Emma’s Happy Musicians’ celebrate their 20-year anniversary Traditional rafting with brass band, lederhosen and a hearty snack were just some of the highlights of the 20-year anniversary excursion. 50 Herbert Handke leaves MAHA at the end of 2005