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2002 Winfried Rauch receives the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon As recognition for his exemplary achievements and service to the Swabian economic region Winfried Rauch was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon on November 14, 2002. The laudation singled out the high personal commitment displayed by Winfried Rauch from the phase of the company’s modest beginnings in 1968 up to present…… with MAHA as a renow- ned global player in the field of vehicle testing technology. Opening of the 1st MAHA Vehicle Test Center in Northern Ireland On March 27, the DVTA project was officially called to life with the signing of the contract by all participating parties and responsible minister. Larne, a city 50 km from Belfast, was the site of the first of 15 planned test centers. The testing project had an investment scope of ca. 50 mio. pound sterling with an operating period of 15 years. The project costs are to be amoritized by the test fees charged over the course of the project duration. The “somewhat different“ birthday present... As early as the 1960’s the passionate pilot Win- fried R. had been fascinated with the “Ferrari of Airplanes“, the Starfighter Lockhead F104 -. You can imagine the wonderful surprise when, on his 60th birthday, he was presented with an exemplar formerly stationed in Memmingen. “Emma’s Happy Musicians“ play at the festive presentation ceremony on Winfried Rauch’s birthday. 45