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2002 Large order from the Caribbean - Costa Rica sets it sights on MAHA Testing Technology from Haldenwang With a vehicle population of 500,000 cars, 175,000 trucks and about 35,000 motorized two wheelers Costa Rica chose to establish a countrywide vehicle testing organization to increase road safety. MAHA supplied 13 complete test centers, and six mobile test lanes, all networked using the MAHA Eurosy- stem. Changes in the MAHA Sales Management In April 2002 a new MAHA sales organiza- tion was established. Longtime head of sales at MAHA, Manfred Rischke, left the company to explore new horizons elsewhere in the vehicle testing industry. Klaus Burger takes over as head of sales for ex- port and the technical sales management. Martin Zentgraf becomes head of domestic sales and the administrative sales department. Product quality increase with new powder paint coating system ... This means: highest coating quality yet saving color powder at the same time with the use of mo- dern, highly efficient spray pistols. Employee and environmental protection via optimum suction of color powder. Quick and efficient color change. High degree of automation for individual color choices for customer wishes. Major Order for ASM Dynamometer for Texas and Canada Before the introduction of official emission testing in the state of Texas on May 1, an order for 650 ASM dynamometers was placed with MAHA. The customer satisfaction with the quality and performance of the 5,000 ASM dyno’s already delivered to California in 1997-98 played a major role in the decision to choose MAHA again. -> It pays to offer high quality! The production of the two-post lift, model “EL“ in the USA proved to be the right decision Rationalized production in Alabama and beneficial exchange rate for $ / EURO meant the two-post lift could be offered at an especially attractive price. Martin Zentgraf and Klaus Burger 44 Re-Organization of MAHA-Purchasing Department Peter Berger joins MAHA to become head of the MAHA Central Purchasing Department on March 1, 2002