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1998 Theo Waigel, Federal Minister of Finance, visits MAHA Theo Waigel tours MAHA accompanied by a parlimentary delegation. During the vist Theo Waigel expresses his admiration for Winfried Rauch’s pioneering spirit and the commitment of his team for the last 30 years. Winfried Rauch and the missing tie (ties are not his thing ...) On November 9, 1998 Winfried Rauch becomes the proud owner and pilot of a twin engine com- pany jet, model Lear 45, with serial number 13 Expansion of the product scope for special test equipment for vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers Development of the 1st MAHA 48“ emission dy- namometer for 4-wheel drive vehicles. Delivered in 1999 to the development department of a well- known customer in Southern Germany. Winfried, as pilot, flew up to 8 passengers quickly (approx. 850 km/h, approx. 30,000 ft) and com- fortably to important business appointments both domestic and foreign. The time-saving aspects were enormously beneficial for flights to Ireland, Eastern Europe and overseas. Business trips which normally took days could often be reduced to a one day affair The first MAHA-IP 4-wheel drive emission 48“ dynamometer at Mercedes Benz in Sindelfingen 39