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1998 First “hetra“ mobile column lift 1972 In September 1998 MAHA takes over the Swiss company ”hetra International“, an innovative manufacturer of heavy-duty mobile column lifts “hetra“ mobile column lift at the municipal traffic authority in Vienna, Austria Excerpt from the hetra company history 1972 Founding of hetra GmbH & Co. KG. by Klaus-Peter Fritschi. The company develops and produces the hetra mobile column lifts. 1983 Founding of the hetra international (Swit- zerland) Task: sales and marketing of hetra products (mobile column lifts) 1992 Separation of hetra GmbH & Co. KG and hetra international. Production is moved to Swit- zerland. 1998 MAHA Haldenwang takes over the hetra GmbH & Co. KG. The core business is conducted from Haldenwang. 2002 Relaunching of the “hetra“ brand. Product scope expansion: in addition to mobile column lifts, two and four column lifts, pit jacks and po- wer take-off dyno’s become part of the program. 2005 Introduction of the power take-off dynamo- meter, W500 2006 Expansion of the mobile column lifts with a reduced 5.5 t version. 2008 Radio driven version. Cable-free synchro- nous operation of several columns simultaneously. Power-source free operation via batteries ! “hetra“‘ mobile column lift for airplane tow tractor at the “Goldhofer” facility‘ 38