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1997 - 1998 After a relative short development phase and the technical approval of the protoptype in the USA, more than 5,000 units were sold on the American market, mainly in California, in the course of 2 years. Sales and service in California was done by the U.S. company ’Snap-On‘, known for sales of tools and test equipment. For weeks on end, containers full of ASM dyno’s were shipped from Haldenwang to America….. ’Hola companieros‘ – Greetings from the sunshine state Herbert Handke was named Managing Director for commercial business in 1997. (resigned at the end of 2005) The MAHA company logo changed colors in 1997. Red and blue replaced the brown color. Termination of cooperation with “Sun Electrics“ In June 1997 Gus Gregory started with the inde- pendent production of emission test devices and air conditioning service equipment in Kings Lynn, England. once again distinguishing MAHA’s productivi- ty……in the meantime over 8,000 ASM dyno’s have been delivered to the USA. (Status as of 2007) The ASM Major Order – 5,000 Roller Dyno’s for “Smoke Check Stations‘ in California required a large-scale expansion of personell and production capacities. ASM Dynamometer for Emission Testing Haldenwang M aschinenbau 36