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1994 - 1996 In 1994 the project department Industrial Projects - IP (today called MAHA-AIP) was created. Its goal was to serve not only workshops, but also vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. In the same year MAHA received certification ba- sed on DIN ISO 9001 / EN 29001. This step has proven to be an important aspect of the company’s success over the years and provided the solid foundation for MAHA’s international popularity. Sept. 04, 1995 – order for the 1st Function Dyna- mometer RG 240, axle load 6,000 lbs Customer: SUN, Crystal Lake, USA. Order for the 1st Headlight Tester LITE 1.2 on Dec.13,1995 Customer: MAHA Spain. MAHA Russia / St. Petersburg Delivery of the 1st ECON lift on Dec. 5, 1996 with 2.2 kW motor, load capaci- ty 2,800 kg, lifting height 1,900 mm MAHA Safety Test Lane - Standard for the technical safety inspec- tion at TÜV, DEKRA and other test organizations both domestic and foreign. MAHA performance dynamometer LPS 2000 - for 2-wheel driven vehicles, optionally available 4-wheel drive version. 35 MAHA IP – New Department for Test Stand Project Management for Vehicle Manufacturers In 1995 MAHA established St. Petersburg/Rus- sia as its own branch. The goal of a branch on location in Russia was to intensify direct market contacts using Russian employees. Winfried Rauch had already laid the first personal successful groundwork for this step at the end of the 70’s and into the 80’s with contacts in the direction of the Soviet Union.