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Major Order from PROVAC in France An order encompassing countrywide equipping of French TÜV inspection stations required a quick expansion of personnel in all company depart- ments as well additional production and assembly halls. The number of employees at MAHA grew to over 320 within a year! 1992 - 1994 With vehicle inspection systems quickly beco- ming the international craze - MAHA in Haldenwang has never had it better. Over 150,000 test stands have been produced since the company was founded in 1969. MAHA’s clientele includes inspection agencies such as TÜV and Dekra as well as auto workshops and service stations. Ruf Porsche Dealership in Singapore Winfried R. turns 50 on June 2, 1992 Several major orders meant that MAHA production was working full steam ahead While the 1992 birthday party is going strong, Winfried entertains himself with a glass of water...... 34