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1991 - 1992 On October 12, 1991 Winfried Rauch received an Honorary Award from the State of Bavaria for his outstanding service to the field of vehicle technology. November 9, 1991 – Opening of the vehicle inspection station (si- milar to the German TÜV) in Singapore by the Minister of Science, Technology and Development, Mr. Law Hieng Ding and MAHA Dealer for Asia, Franz J. Reb. A re-structuring of the internal organization is undertaken to enable successful future global operations. In 1992 MAHA’s very own Sales and Marketing Department was formed in Haldenwang. The department is intended to provide active support for the branch offices and dealerships worldwide in sales of MAHA products and services. Now the sales of MAHA products and services, which up to now had been organized along the lines of external sales channels, could now be steered and guided by MAHA’s very own perso- nnel in Haldenwang. The world was divided up into various sales areas and managed by specially trained sales engineers. A product management department was also created. Production of the 1st Diesel Smoke Gas Tester MDO 2 Emission Tester for Diesel Motors (Opaci- meter) Customer: ATS, Chemnitz - April 24, 1992 The 90’s are a Decade of Big Change for MAHA in Haldenwang 33 A B S – Safety for all citizens Never blocked, and ready for braking