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Forced name change from MAHA to MBH Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG Shortly after the 20-year company anniversary celebration and the dedication of the MAHA new headquarters and production facilities, a letter arrived from a nearby village, Pfronten. The mil- ling machine manufacturer, MAHO AG, located in Pfronten obtained a court order against MAHA and the use of the company designation MAHA. The reason given was the similarity of MAHA with MAHO. Effective immediately no employee was allowed to answer the phone using the word MAHA ! A formal name change was forced to take place and MAHA now became MBH Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG. And all the com- pany stationary had to be reprinted. Winfried R. studied the German, Austrian and Swiss telephone books looking for persons with the surname `Maha‘. Finally, after long searches, he came up with Petr Maha in Nördlingen. 1990 After a meeting in Haldenwang Petr Maha was hired in 1990 to join the sales department. He was the only one in the company who was allowed to answer the telephone using the name MAHA. MAHA Sales, Owner Petr MAHA, Hoyen 20, 8961 Haldenwang On August 1, 1991 the above named “letterbox company“ was established in Haldenwang for the sales of MAHA products and service in Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. The MAHA name was saved and kept for use with this sly little trick. MAHO-Deckel-Gildemeister officially settled the lawsuit a few years later. Petr Maha returned to Prague in 1993 and is now successful director of the MAHA s.r.o. in Prague. MAHA – MAHO Name Controversy 32 In addition to flying, fast sports cars are another of Winfried R.’s passions. The Ferrari Club of Munich pays a visit to Hal- denwang and congratulates on the move to the new headquarters