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1990 Company Partnerships: KEB in Hopferbach in Allgäu. 45 employees develop and produce electronic components and circuits. EWR in Leutkirch. 16 employees produce small test devices and oil counters. Autohaus Oberwang - Peugeot / Simca 15 employees work in a pilot workshop, equipped with MAHA test equipment and lifts, for practical applications for customers and employee training. MAHA had 16 dealers / regional representatives within Germany in 1990, with 11 of these compa- nies offering their customers local service. MAHA had several overseas branches in 1990: MAHA Maschinenbau u. Vertriebs Ges.m.b.H. MAHA France S.A.R.L, MAHA Nederland B.B. MAHA Italia S.r.l. Globally MAHA had representatives in China, Denmark, Dubai, Greece, Japan, India, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain. Ratio Export / Domestic: 70 % - 30 % The MAHA’s northernmost test stand is located in Hammerfest, Norway. The southernmost in lera- petra in Crete, the westernmost in Portugal which represents Europe’s most westerly point. And easternmost, is a test stand in Leonid Breschnew’s garage in Crimea. The honor of being the MAHA test stand at the highest altitude can be found on the Grossglockner mountain pass in Austria. And not to be outdone, the test stand at the lowest altitude is installed on a North See island near Amsterdam (10 m under sea level). The MAHA test stand which is furthest away from its point of origin, Haldenwang, is located in New Zealand (about 25 dynamometers were delivered and installed there) In 1990 a new training and apprenticeship work- shop was set up with all the necessary machinery. This has contributed substantially to the positive development of the MAHA apprentices, both in technical and social skills. ”Transition and Future Trends“ From left to right Member of the Bavarian State Parliament Gebhard Kaiser, Honorary Mayor Zimmer, Winfried Rauch 30