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1990 Our success is not build on sand. Twenty years of success underscore our tenacity. ”Transition and Future Trends“ Quote from Winfried Rauch 1990: Becoming market leader was not all that hard, but sta- ying at the top is another story ... Innovation and inventive talent were always deeply ingrained at MAHA. A position was created as sole supplier of special innovative technology on the markets. 4-wheel drive brake testers and dynamometers, computers for engine performance analysis are just three examples of MAHA’s pioneering spirit. Patents protect these products and prevent competitors, in particular those in foreign markets, from simply copying MAHA’s ideas. We are proud of our successes, but fully aware that there is no room for haughtiness. Competi- tion never sleeps and loves to take aim at those on top. Full of energy and personal commitment we will continue to defend the mutual success we have achieved and never cease to embrace future developments. 28