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1979 - 1980 On Dec. 12, 1979 Josef Schilling, founding part- ner, leaves the company and establishes his own company in Haldenwang for engine technology development for various types of vehicles. 1979 - Expansion of the Product Program with Scissors Lifts MAHA exhibition booth with JW 1 Brake Tester at the Munich Crafts Fair. Revised MAHA logo Emma Rauch, the prettiest exhibition hostess at the MAHA exhibition booth in Salzburg 1980 MAHA employed 17 Hubert Wanner, personnel no. 22, today head of fixed construction design. In the first 11 years of MAHA’s existence only 5 employees left the company. France - Bernard Leplat Spain - Xavier Medina Italy - Graziano Ruaro Holland - Wim Krabben Establishment of the KE Elektronik Together with Anton Knestel, Winfried Rauch founded a Limited Liability Company in Hop- ferbach (Allgäu) on Dec. 15, 1980. Anton Kne- stel has been an important long-time consultant, MAHA supplier for electronic controls and pioneering innovations in the filed of product development and control engineering. 1980 - more MAHA European subsidiaries were established: 20