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1972 The MAHA JW 1 test stand outdoors - Renault Alpine, Auto Sutter, Kempten 1972 1972 the first brake tester for trucks, model JW 6/2 was developed and produced MAHA Brake Tester JW 6 for trucks MAHA’s First Exhibition Activities MAHA exhibition stand with brake tester JW1 for cars and small trucks at the Munich Crafts Fair in 1972. To save money, an exhibition stand was rented in the outdoor arena. The rented trailer serves as exhibitor’s office. The sales price at that time for a JW1 was 7,500.00 DM incl. delivery and installation, plus VAT. TÜV tested! MAHA Brake Tester at Mercedes Mayer in Kempten MAHA Brake Tester at VW Seitz in Kempten 16