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1970 At the beginning, the brake testers were sold one by one by Winfried Rauch with support from Josef Tomiceck simply by knocking on the door at various Allgäu companies. He was a one-man delivery service personally installing each brake tester. A Ford Transit delivery van served as trans- port and delivery vehicle for up to three brake testers, including all the necessary installation material and tools. And the really rushed orders were carried out with the 911 Porsche. Always away on business, with fast cars, rushed and stressed... Once, for some unknown reason, you watch the speedometer climb to the top; adjust yourself to the road, not in a real rush, get a medal for that one. But I have to ask myself if the police weren’t right behind you, the time you drove from Haldenwang, to Milan in just over 3 hours. Winfried Rauch’s 911 Porsche on a MAHA Brake Tester during an exhibition. Winfried R. cleaning his service and delivery van after customer visits Customer is King…with patience and hard work ... Sales don’t come easy, to cross the finish line with a customer. Some say a test stand to buy is their goal, and meanwhile we are forced to guzzle ’Pommerlunder‘ Patience is the key, then you land the order. 13