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1969 MAHA at the starting block ... After the surprising success of the first JW1 Brake Tester a decision was made to register a commercial business on May 14, 1969 for the manufacturing and sales of machinery. Josef Schilling’s existing motor vehicle workshop in the double garage of his family home was sim- ply re-organized to become the production line for the first small series of the JW 1 Brake Tester. And in September 1969 an apprentice was hired together with four additional workers to support the duo: # 1 = Richard Reisacher # 2 = Josef Sommer # 3 = Josef Kreutzer # 4 = Anton Abel In 1970 Markus Gaiser (#5) joined the team and in 1971 his brother German became employee #6 at MAHA Winfried Rauch designed the first MAHA compa- ny logo (toothed wheel with eye = watching over vehicle safety) ma stands for Machinery ha stands for Haldenwang The product name for the brake tester JW 1 = Josef Winfried 1 becomes official. (at a later point in time the designation JW was re-named IW, because J is a difficult letter to articulate in some countries / languages) 1969 Workshop in Haldenwang on Josef Schilling’s property, House No. 30 1/2 (Building in the middle) - Development and production of the 1st brake tester 12 House No. 301/2 (Building in the middle)