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In 1968, together with his acquaintance Josef Schilling, Winfried Rauch was the brainchild be- hind the idea for the development and production of a brake tester for cars. J. Schilling, owner of a small vehicle workshop in Haldenwang, was once again upset about a failed brake test with a customer’s vehicle at TÜV in Kempten. This was happening with frustrating frequency and so the plan was hatched to develop and build a brake tester for cars for their own use in the workshop. And so it was in 1968 in Josef Development and Production of the 1st MAHA roller brake tester JW 1 (Josef, Winfried, No. 1) for Car Brake Testing 1968 Schilling‘s workshop in Haldenwang that the first MAHA Roller Brake Tester came to be. After carefully inspecting an existing brake tester in Kempten, Winfried R. proceeded to take notes, think about improvements and sketch the design ideas. The basic plan was hatched and with a modest budget available, the project started taking on form. 10