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Motorcycles were his passion from childhood on, Mom’s cellar was his sales room. Wild races he did drive, until his teammate jumped ship, and the accident occurred the hospital patched him up wires kept the jaw together, the beard to cover the damage, and ’Winne‘ came home ... . W.R. Electrical Chain Cooker Using cast iron covers from ”SUMA Gülle Rühr- werke” switching cabinets recovered from the scrap yard, Winfried R. built a useful device for maintenance and care of installed motorcycle chains. Graphite grease was heated up in a chain cooker, the chain pinion with chain positioned in the cooker and by slowly rotating the pinion the chain was re-greased. ... the wild 60‘s ... W.R. Combi-Instrument As an enterprising ’Allgäu mover‘ he developed and built combi-instruments to display speed / rpm / oil pressure integrated into commercially available BMW motorcycle front headlights. He was responsible for components and mounting, and Emma took care of packing and shipment. Necessity is the mother of invention ... 09